I am interested in states of limbo – buildings and houses, tracts of land, cars, objects, and even people that have been in stasis for years or decades but that may be on the verge of sudden and irreversible change. I feel my photographs are successful when subtle signs of impending change find their way into my work. I also try to capture the human desire for stasis, or more accurately the desire for stability, which is often at odds with the equally human desire for change.

I don’t necessarily have a preconceived notion of what I want to photograph. Instead, this work is a way of moving through the world and exploring these states of limbo. The photographs I make are evidence of that exploration.

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Minneapolis, Minn. 2013 Minneapolis, Minn. 2013 Minneapolis, Minn. 2013 Minneapolis, Minn. 2013 R1-06332-0030 copy R1-06332-00168022177442_f34ade67c0_h Roasted Ducks, Shuang Hur, Nicollet Ave, Minneapolis Ironwood, Michigan Ironwood, Michigan Ironwood, Michigan Delta 88 “Smoking Datsun” – 2011 Catalina (After Peter Hujar) Oh, Nothing Furnishes a Room Like BOOKS 8038189860_0853d4537e_h

"Target Market" -- St. Paul, Minn. 2012 95100025 95100030 copy

Best Steak House, St. Paul, 2012 Mr. Bee Says Hagberg's, Lake Elmo, MN University Avenue Couple Balloon How Things Stack Up