This series seeks to reveal the “savagely grotesque, arch, silly…” (in the words of Hollis Frampton) qualities which lurk behind typical photographic depictions intended to appeal to the senses. By using a flatbed scanner (rather than a camera) the perceptual distance between subject and object is compressed. On one hand, the highly detailed work appears as a kind of document or specimen and on the other hand is almost confrontational in its directness.

Archival inkjet prints are available. For sales, please inquire using my contact page.

F.A.S.T. series: “McDonald’s Combo Meal #3, Quarter-Pounder with Cheese, $4.99″ - Jan. 2011 "The Works All Purpose Glass and Surface Cleaner, 30oz. Spray Bottle, $2.79" - Jan. 2011 "The Way You Make Me Feel" -- Feb. 2011 "Morton® Safe-T-Salt, 25lb. Bag, $5.99" Teppanyaki Grill and Supreme Buffet (To Go), $4.99/lb. Bad Waitress Blueberry Pancake with Butter, Syrup and a Side of Bacon, $9.00 "Wedge Coop Grass-Fed Stew Meat, $6.99/lb." "P.I.L.L.S." F.A.S.T. series: “Froot Loops Cereal, 345g Box, $3.35″ - Jan. 2011 "2011 Minnesota State Fair Corn Dogs, $3.50 Each" - Digital image, 2011 Tackle Box III u.elsewhere2