The Block Formerly Known as E

Made Here @ Block E is starting to wind down. I hope you had a chance to see all the great work in (and on) Block E. A news story broke recently describing new plans for the building. It actually looks halfway decent, and the idea to have the pro basketball teams practice there I think will serve it well.

Congratulations to Joan Vorderbruggen for her tireless efforts on behalf of artists, and special props to Bill Lindeke for his recent foray into the colorful past of the Block formerly known as E.

My project in the windows of Block E, by the way, is from my C.A.R.S. series. I’ve got about twenty 16″x20″ prints of cars in the windows of what used to be a Walgreens.

Here’s a screenshot of a bit more of the series…

Screenshot from 2013-11-26 22:31:06

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