With this series I’m looking for qualities that lurk behind typical photographic depictions intended to appeal to the senses. Compressing subject / object distance (using a flatbed scanner) gives the work a kind of document or specimen quality, almost confrontational in its directness.

Archival inkjet prints are available. For sales, please inquire using my contact page.

F.A.S.T. series: “McDonald’s Combo Meal #3, Quarter-Pounder with Cheese, $4.99″ - Jan. 2011 "The Works All Purpose Glass and Surface Cleaner, 30oz. Spray Bottle, $2.79" - Jan. 2011 "The Way You Make Me Feel" -- Feb. 2011 "Morton® Safe-T-Salt, 25lb. Bag, $5.99" Teppanyaki Grill and Supreme Buffet (To Go), $4.99/lb. Bad Waitress Blueberry Pancake with Butter, Syrup and a Side of Bacon, $9.00 "Wedge Coop Grass-Fed Stew Meat, $6.99/lb." "P.I.L.L.S." F.A.S.T. series: “Froot Loops Cereal, 345g Box, $3.35″ - Jan. 2011 "2011 Minnesota State Fair Corn Dogs, $3.50 Each" - Digital image, 2011 Tackle Box III u.elsewhere2

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