The Twelve Songs of Christmas, 2014 Edition

Christmas is of course (or at least should be) a state of mind more than a festival or a religious holiday or a societally-enforced shopping spree. I like to spend about three weeks sunk deep into the funk of the thing, whatever it is, call it yuletide or jul or nog or clog. Whatever it is,Continue reading “The Twelve Songs of Christmas, 2014 Edition”

Blind Contour (Monster Drawing Rally)

Last night was the annual Monster Drawing Rally benefit for Midway Contemporary Art. I was happy to participate again this year. Since I’ve been exploring the realm of photography more and more in my work, this time around I chose to perform one of the exercises I do when I really want to study a greatContinue reading “Blind Contour (Monster Drawing Rally)”

Darkroom Interviews at TuckUnder Gallery

  “Darkroom Interviews” was a night of intimate audio interviews and photo portraits conducted in the Leaky Sink Gallery at TuckUnder Projects. On Thursday, July 31 from 6-9 p.m., participants entered the Dark Room for a two-to-ten-minute Q & A and one (or more) sudden flash photo portraits. Topics ranged from free range eggs, to nuclearContinue reading “Darkroom Interviews at TuckUnder Gallery”

Where they station and work on the Hiawatha

Riding my bike yesterday, I happened upon the train station where they store and work on the legendary steam locomotive, 261, and the cars for the old commuter train, the Hiawatha. I don’t know much about these trains, but the guys working there were kind enough to let me check everything out. I’m planning toContinue reading “Where they station and work on the Hiawatha”